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Rates, fees & contract terms

In May 2023, Avanti Finance acquired Limelight Financial Services’ software assets, including Finance Central. Loans provided by Limelight or Thorn Financial Services (ie. prior to 15th December 2023) have a different set of rates, fees and terms to those listed below. You can find these here.

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The following information is provided to assist you with making your decision to take a loan with Finance Central.

Interest Last updated 11th December 2023
Annual Interest Rate 10.70% - 24.20% pa fixed
determined by credit risk
Default Interest Rate
If you do not pay an amount when due, then we will charge interest at the default interest rate on the amount which is due and unpaid while the default continues.
The default rate is the annual interest rate at the time of the default plus 10% p.a.
Auto Loan Establishment Fees
Establishment Fee
Charged for processing and approving a new loan application or a further advance (top-up), as disclosed in the individual loan contract.
A fee to search and register a security interest on the Personal Property Securities Register.
Dealer Fee
Added to the loan and paid to the dealer.
Loan Administration Fees
Monthly Account Fee
A monthly fee to cover the administration of a loan and processing payments.
per month
Prepayment Fee
Charged when a loan is settled in full before its final payment date.
Loan Restructure Fees
Loan Restructure Fee
Charged when we restructure an existing loan.
Third-party Correspondence / Authorisation
A fee to cover the processing and entering of authorised third-party details and/or correspondence with a third-party.
Default Fees and Collections
Arrears Management Fee
Charged to your loan if it’s in arrears for five or more days during any month.
per month
Repossession Fee
Charged to your loan after we effect repossession of goods secured to a loan.
Issue Court Proceedings
Charged to the loan when we issue court proceedings.
Recovery and Enforcement Costs
Enforcement and Other Costs
Payable when we make any payments or incur any costs for doing anything on behalf of a borrower or guarantor in accordance with the terms of a loan agreement or any related agreement (e.g. arranging insurance) and for any other costs or expenses we reasonably incur in connection with exercising or enforcing our rights under a loan agreement or any related agreement following a default. Copies of invoices are available on request.
Actual third-party costs
Third-Party Recovery Costs
Payable when we incur any third-party costs (e.g. debt collection agent, repossession agent, court fees, legal fees, process server, valuer, auction fees) in connection with exercising or enforcing our rights under a loan agreement or any related agreement following a default. Copies of invoices are available on request.
Actual third-party costs

Terms and conditions: Responsible lending criteria, mandatory fees, interest, terms and conditions apply.
Interest rate 10.70% p.a. – 24.20% p.a. fixed, determined by credit risk. Mandatory fees: account fee of $9.85 per month, establishment fee of $205 and PPSR fee of $9.10 to be paid up front or capitalised over the term of the loan. Rates and fees may change.
Other non-mandatory fees and charges may also apply. Minimum term 6 months. Maximum term 60 months. Security and vehicle insurance may also be required. Credit provided by Avanti Finance Limited.

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