Interest Rates & Fees

The following information is provided to assist you with making your decision to take a loan with Finance Central powered by Thorn Finance.

Establishment Fee $80
Referral Fee $295
Account Fee (Weekly Repayments)* $0.75
Account Fee (Fortnightly Repayments)* $1.50
Account Fee (Monthly Repayments)* $3.25
Late Fee $7.50
Payment Plan Late Fee $3.50
Refinance Fee $30
Buy Out Administration Fee $60
Door Knock $35

*Only one Account Fee is charged per account based on selected repayment.

Annual Interest Rate (Fixed for Term) from 9.95% - 29.95%
Default Interest Rate* 5.00%

*This penalty only applies to the amount in default, for the period in default.

Sample Document

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