How it works

Applying for a car loan is straightforward with our online process.

  • 1. Find your new vehicle

    Shop for a vehicle at any registered Motor Vehicle Trader. You can search online at sites such as which list cars for sale exclusively from registered car dealers.

  • 2. Complete our online application

    We use trusted third party providers to verify your identity, contact details and review your bank statements to check affordability.
    Note: Credit assessment and responsible lending criteria and inquiries will apply to all applications.

  • 3. Wait up to 60 seconds for an initial response

    Our smart decision platform analyses the information provided, completes verification checks and will generally be able to provide you with a response or refer your application to a lending specialist within 60 seconds of your application being submitted, provided all information is supplied.
    Note: Credit assessment and responsible lending criteria and inquiries will apply to all applications.

  • 4. Provide any further information

    In the event we need more information to assess your application, one of our friendly team will be in touch to let you know. This may include things like proof of your address or employment.

  • 5. Confirm your car and finalise your loan details

    Once your loan is approved and you’ve confirmed your vehicle choice and any extras we can finalise your loan amount and liaise with the dealership you’re looking to purchase from. We’ll send you an email with a link to finalise your loan details so you can confirm you are happy with the loan amount, repayment frequency, contract terms and regular repayment amounts.

  • 6. Take delivery of your new car

    We’ll arrange with the dealership you’re purchasing from any payments and you’ll then be able to pick up your new car.

Loan information

Amount to borrow
Term of loan
Interest rate

Repayment calculation

Amount to borrow
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Total to finance

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