How it works

Applying for a car loan with us is super simple. Follow the simple process below to see just how easy it is to apply for a car loan with Finance Central.

  • 1. Complete our 100% online application process

    Our entire application process is online. We also use the latest identity verification methods and automated bank statement analysis as part of our process enabling us to quickly determine if and how much we can loan to you.

  • 2. Wait up to 60 seconds for a result

    Our decisioning algorithm analyses the information provided and will provide you with a response within 60 seconds of your application being submitted.

  • 3. Provide any further information

    In the event we need more information to assess your application, one of our friendly team will be in touch to let you know. This may include things like proof of your address or employment.

  • 4. Receive an Approval Credit Limit

    Upon your loan being approved we’ll quickly let you know how much we can loan you and also any terms and conditions that may apply.

  • 5. Decide on your new vehicle

    Shop for a vehicle at any Registered Motor Vehicle Trader. We suggest you begin your search at our partner website:

  • 6. Finalise your loan details

    Once you’ve picked a vehicle and any extras we can finalise your exact loan amount and liaise with the dealership you’re looking to purchase from.

  • 7. Sign your contract electronically

    We’ll email you an electronic copy of any final paperwork and get you to sign online.

  • 8. Take delivery of your new car

    We’ll arrange with the dealership you’re purchasing from any payments and you’ll then be able to pick up your new car.

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